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What we offer

Removal of asbestos roofing & gutters

The expert team of WCAR will safely remove asbestos roofing and gutters, ensuring a healthier and safer environment.

Re-roofing / Re-cladding

Revamp your property with our re-roofing and re-cladding services for a fresh, modern, and durable transformation and solar installation ready.

Removal all other type of asbestos products

Our professional team offers comprehensive asbestos removal for all your asbestos needs.

Asbestos waste collection, transport & safe disposal

We provide expert asbestos waste collection, safe transport, and responsible disposal, ensuring environmental protection and compliance.

Asbestos assessment inventory & management plans

Empower your premises with safety. Our comprehensive asbestos assessment, inventory, and management plans guarantee compliance and risk mitigation.

Asbestos waste skip rentals

Efficiently handle asbestos waste with our hassle-free skip rentals. Secure, compliant, and convenient solutions for safe disposal.

Roof insulation

WCAR’s expert roof insulation service ensures a well-insulated premises, reducing utility costs and environmental impact.

Occupational hygiene & safety services

Our comprehensive Occupational Hygiene & Safety Services ensure compliance and a safe working environment.

Gutter maintenance & cleaning

Our expert gutter maintenance & cleaning service protects your property from water damage, ensuring optimal functionality.


Mr. Louis Botha started Western Cape Asbestos Removals (Pty) Ltd, together with his late father Louis J Botha Snr since inception in 1999. The first registration as a registered asbestos contractor was in the year 2000. He has a mechanical background as well as a Marketing Management Qualification. He has also attended many training sessions over the years and with almost 2 decades of experience in the Asbestos removal field and is well-qualified to give expert advice on all asbestos related matters. Mr. Louis Botha is the Managing Director of the Company and is involved in the day-to-day operation of the Company.

Learn about the hidden

dangers of asbestos

It is essential to educate ourselves about the hidden dangers of asbestos and its impact on the human body. Asbestos, once widely used in construction and manufacturing, poses severe health risks when its fibers are inhaled. From lung diseases like asbestosis to aggressive cancers like mesothelioma, the consequences of asbestos exposure can be devastating.

Discover the hidden dangers of asbestos’s tiny fibers, lurking in construction materials, and learn how their inhalation can lead to severe health issues like lung diseases and cancer.

Western Cape Asbestos Removals - Workers Removing Asbestos sheeets
Need Asbestos Removed?

Asbestos removal safeguards peoples health and safety. Don’t wait! Call us now to avoid potential health risks.

Western Cape Asbestos Removal Trucks
Only the best Equipment

With the use of only the best equipment, WCAR ensures safe and efficient asbestos removal every time.

WCAR has been Removing Asbestos for over 2 decades!

Western Cape Asbestos Removals - Removing Sheets from tall industrial building

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